Purchasing Guide

Getting Started


OmniDrive consists of 2 subscriptions namely a yearly subscription to use our software (which is updated continuously to ensure compatibility) which is priced per computer or server you wish to backup and a monthly subscription to use the space allocated by you for your data to reside in the cloud. Only one cloud subscription is required per customer irrelevant on how many computers or servers you may have.

At this time due to restrictions by PayFast, our payment gateway provider, which will be resolved soon, one cannot purchase multiple subscriptions in the same transaction.

Instead of purchasing your cloud account and software subscriptions at the same time one would have to purchase them individually or separately from one another.

In this case one has to purchase the subscriptions in two or more steps dependent on your requirements:

First decide how many computers you need to backup?

Secondly find out how many Windows, Servers or Mac computers in your selection for example 4 Windows and 2 Mac computers and 1 SQL Server. In this case you would need to purchase 1 cloud account first then all the 4 Windows licenses second, thirdly purchase 2 Mac licenses and then purchase a SQL Server license in the fourth transaction.

Thirdly decide how much cloud space you need? If you not sure use our 300GB account, you can always upgrade anytime.

Then follow these steps:


Purchase A Cloud Account

  1. From the homepage select products from the menu at the top and select OmniDrive Cloud Account at the bottom. Click the cloud logo at the bottom left of the newly displayed page.
  2. Select the size of your cloud account from 300GB to 2TB. Click the add to cart button. Once you see the notification that the selected product has been added to the cart go to the next step.
  3. Click the shopping trolley logo from the top menu and click checkout. Enter your details on the left side of the page. Check the box next to I accept the terms and conditions and click add to cart again.
  4. Follow the PayFast Payment Gateway Instructions until the transaction is successful.


Purchase The Software


Repeat the process for purchasing the software subscription by selecting the products and then selecting the software related to your needs.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on sales@omnidrive.co.za or use the support popup on the website.